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The young years
these macronutrie

Today I'm talking about breakfast and sharing some of my favorite ways to start the day. I am often asked in my nutrition practice what the ideal breakfast is and my answer is always the same: it depends. And it does. Age, stage, level of activity, work/sleep schedules, response to food, goals and objectives. In short, while there are certainly guiding principles, there is no one size accommodates all when it comes to nutrition. We are all biochemically unique and each of us has the ability and responsibility, in my view, to experiment and learn what works best for us. For myself, the composition and ratio of micronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrate) will vary depending on whether I am preparing for work (sedentary) or exercise. It may also vary with the seasons as my digestive vitality and food preferences are not the same in the grueling heat as they are in cooler temperatures. Prior to exercise, I prefer easily and quickly digesting food sources such as whole... (more)

Advantages of steel structure warehouse
Shijiazhuang Haosen Business Service Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, as a professional supplier for wall panel machinery 3D panel machine, ICF block moulding machine, EPS/Color steel sandwich panel machine,Steel structure warehouse ) and some related small construction machine in China, our corporate policy is based on long term goals. Each person's life is closely linked with nature, as long as harmonious coexistence with nature in order to have a better future, a combination of steel after these features, the construction industry has made a great contribution, it is not only beautify the environment in the use of more robust to the residential houses. People's lives and property are protected, steel structure warehouse is combined with truly natural phases. Steel structure warehouse mainly refers to the main load-bearing components are made of steel composition. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel base, steel roof (of course, the relatively large span of the plant, the... (more)

Thursday morning,
page two!

Hello! I have been rushing round like a loon; updating uploading editing, graphics-hunting and more besides! I'm fairly wrung out at this point, but I must muster up some energy as I have the stuff waiting for my attention right here on the ground as the saying goes. Here at home. You know; those arduous or not-so-arduous chores / tasks that must be followed up and handled! I am in a fairly upbeat mood today as the recent flare up of hositities and near-miss (for me leaving) was too close for comfort, and as it is now handled; fully and completely. . . the dust has settled down and so have I!Onward and upward darling. . .. so how are YOU? What's happening and how's it all shaping up for you. Are you enjoying your vacation? What's the most enjoyable part of your day - are you getting some sun and getting out and about, or lolling in a comforting way and reading or watching stuff or even listening to music... Whatever passes muster for a pleasing pastime, I hope you are totally... (more)

chore chart diy
after months of planning and procrastinating, i finally was able to finish the kids' chore chart! whoopee! here it is! so what it does is, it motivates kids to do their chores (or so i think). it's also a fun way to remind them of what needs to be done on a daily basis. all i do is to update it every morning and remind them to check their chore charts upon waking up. so far so good. they are doing their chores. yay! here's what i did: 1) i bought small whiteboards (the magnetic ones) and divided them into 2 parts: 'things to do' and 'done'. 2) i created "buttons" of their chores ~ clear the table, brush teeth, dress up, etc using photoshop or whatever program you want. i googled the cliparts. make sure the pictures are easy to understand, especially by the age of your kid/s. 3) print on a board paper and cut the "buttons". 4) i initially wanted to buy round magnets found in craft stores but i remember having leftover magnetic sheets we used for our diy wedding... (more)

my blog
Focused on cone broken quality improve enterprise better image
in now of social life in the, for General of consumers friends for, products of quality problem is we is concern of important problem is one of, to can in fierce of market competition in the made favourable of status, many of enterprise in for products production of process in the are is is of focused on they production of products of quality, like cone broken as of large mechanical equipment, people for they of quality problem on more of concern. product quality can bring unexpected benefits to the enterprise, this is because the quality of the product is high, the company's image in society, there will be very good, was very popular with the consumers trust friends in business. Mechanical manufacturing limited is a such of height attention products quality of enterprise, they production of cone type broken machine is because quality good, so in market in the wide by consumers were of praised, in we of on many of needs cone broken of manufacturers for unannounced visits to of... (more)

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